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The extensive dinner is generally a fat / protein meal that consists of meat or fish and vegetables. You can also choose a carbohydrate meal, though its possibilities are limited.

The fat / protein dinner

In this meal we avoid carbohydrates, no potatoes, rice or pasta. Also make sure that the meat is not breaded (made from breadcrumbs so contains carbohydrates). The possibilities are enormous. A selection:

  • Vegetable soup (without potato and carrot), fish soup or onion soup.
  • Baked, poached or stewed meat, fish, poultry or eggs.
  • A vegetable dish, such as ratatouille or salad. The dressing can be made from oil and vinegar.
  • Cheese plate (without bread). Avoid Cantal and soft goat cheese because they contain carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate dinner

In this meal we avoid fat so the possibilities are limited. No meat, fish, oil, butter, eggs or cheese. Yet it is very easy to compose a healthy and delicious carbohydrate dinner together:

  • Vegetable soup, mushroom soup or tomato soup (not thickened and without cream) or other soup without fat. Optionally you can eat some wholemeal bread without toppings.
  • Brown rice or whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce or lentils, beans or peas with a sauce of mushrooms or tomatoes.
  • A salad with a dressing made of fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese (0% fat).
  • For dessert; yogurt or cottage cheese with sugar-free jam, fruit compote, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries.

Alcohol: in Phase 1 of the Montignac Method, it is recommended to avoid alcohol. Though you may drink one glass of wine a day during a meal. Do not drink wine on an empty stomach, but preferably first eat some protein and fat. No chips, but chunks of crab meat, cheese cubes, olives or a slice of sausage. Another option is to just start drinking wine halfway through the meal.

The extensive dinner is generally a fat/protein-meal that consists of meat or fish and vegetables. A carbohydrate meal for dinner is more limited.